Local Government

Training council staff in behavioural science and evaluation.



London Borough of Enfield


We emphasise building our clients’ capacity to design and evaluate their own interventions, assisting them in embedding a behaviourally informed approach to their work. In this project with the London Borough of Enfield, we conducted a set of parallel training sessions alongside a live project on council tax collection. This structure allowed us to walk the client through each stage of the project, explaining how and why decisions were made, how the evaluation process works, and how they could apply our methodology to future projects.


Creating and measuring change

Our workshops are tailored to the individual needs of each client. In this example, the primary focus was on developing an understanding of behavioural economics concepts and evaluation design.

In the first set of workshops, we worked through the application of nudges including messenger effects and defaults, showing how they could be applied to common problems faced by local government, and to the project at hand.

In the second, we introduced the fundamentals of Randomised Controlled Trials, focusing on how to design the introduction of new programmes so that useful conclusions can be drawn about their effects.

By the end of the project, staff were sufficiently engaged and informed to be able to design small-scale interventions and trials of their own.


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