Signol. A software solution that helps decision-makers optimise fuel efficiency



Signol is a customisable software solution that uses world-class behavioural science and data analytics to make business better. Specifically, Signol helps companies change the behaviour of their employees to cut fuel waste, by providing employees with personalised feedback on their fuel use, with prosocial incentives offered to employees meeting their targets. Employees are engaged with the right information and the right incentives at the right time, nudging them into making smarter decisions.

Signol builds on an eight-month study with Virgin Atlantic Airways where our team conducted the world’s first randomised controlled trial in aviation.  

Motivating over 300 captains to make more fuel-efficient decisions, such as turning off one engine when taxiing in, we saved Virgin Atlantic over £3 million in fuel costs and over 21,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas CO2.

This was the lowest ever measured carbon abatement cost. What’s more, captains reported increased job satisfaction. In short, Signol offers higher profits, higher job satisfaction, and lower pollution; a win for the company, a win for the worker, and a win for the environment.

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